What kind of canvases do I use ?

I only work on 100% linen canvases, prepared with gesso. For large dimensions I prefer canvases with an aluminium frame with a thickness of 45 mm. For smaller one’s I stretch the canvas with wooden wedges when the painting is finished.

How do I prepare my canvas?

In order to prevent dull surfaces I prepare the canvas with 2 extra layers of ‘Non Absorbant Acrylic Primer’. To obtain a flat surface for portraits I cover the canvas with 2 layers of “Titanium Oil Ground”.

What oil colours do I use?

I only work with superior handmade oil paint. My preferred brands are Michaël Harding (GB) and Williamsburg (VS). These products offer high quality oil paint with a maximum of pigments without fillers. Their consistency is creamy. I use ‘Flakewhite’ from Blockx (B). I have over 70 colours at my disposal, of which 10 regularly end up to my glass palet.

What tools/aids do I use for my portraits ?

I only make use of the Alvin-proportional divider to verify distances after sketching, before I continue with the finishing layers.

What brushes do I use?

I use natural Tobolsky Kolinsky sable’s hair brushes from Raphaël for the end layers and portraits. Because they have no great frictional resistance I use Precision synthetic brushes from Raphaël (F) and Top-Acryl from DaVinci (D) for the under layers.